Insight into Australia’s Criminal Laws

The governing of criminal laws by states and territories

Criminal Law Today

Delving deeper into our criminal law system

The Decline in Gun Violence

An implementation strategy that reduced violent crimes

College Campus Crimes

The breeding grounds of sexual harassment and assault

The juridical body of law itself comprises an amalgamation of various Acts and common laws brought forward over the decades to improve the safety of citizens and decrease high crime rates nationwide. Latest news: What to know before you file a hernia mesh lawsuit

Different Law Enforcement Agencies

The main law enforcement agencies available in the country are the police, sheriffs, bailiffs, and the Australian Federal Police. Each agency is controlled by state, territory, and interstate governments. The different agencies are explained below:

  • Police deal specifically with criminal law.
  • Sheriffs and bailiffs are in charge of the administration of common laws of different states and territories.
  • The Australian Federal Police, referred to as the AFP, deal with the administration and investigations into crimes against the laws of the Australian Commonwealth.

What Society Can Do

As all crime rates fluctuate annually, politicians and communities are forced to evaluate the causes of the crimes as well as the solutions to use resulting in the alleviation of related issues. Many contributing factors are reflected upon. However, most are quick to blame institutions or lack of policy legislation.

Society is overwhelmed with stigmatization, discrimination, and citizens worldwide being misinformed of the facts. There are organizations and ongoing campaigns tirelessly working to make the seriousness of crimes like rape and murder known. They advocate for change and rely on the people of society take to take action.

What about looking at the beginning of the vicious cycle of crime itself? If we consider the cultural factors that highly influence the choices made by individuals, perhaps the change needed can be implemented from there. Cultural change begins with societal unity in order to fight the war against violent and sexual crimes.