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Recent statistic reports indicated Alice Springs, in the Northern Territory of Australia, is the murder capital with the highest violent crime rate amongst all the cities of the nation. However, in the years before 1996, gun control laws were not as stringent until a devastating and violent incident occurred in April 1996 in Port Arthur, Tasmania.

New Gun Control Laws

Martin Bryant, 28, began a mass shooting spree at a well-known tourist site, the Port Arthur former prison colony. As a result of this crime, 35 people died and 24 others suffered minor injuries.

At the time, Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard, was the politician who put forward a solution to decrease the rate of gun violence by implementing the strategy of the gun buy-back program. This program encouraged citizens who owned licensed or unlicensed firearms to hand these over and be destroyed. Since then, mass murder shootings have ceased.

College Campus Crimes

When sexual harassment and assault occurs, Australian laws still constitute both as a crime. However, each state and territory has varying laws related to sexual offenses. Recent studies have been conducted to find out the most common forms of sexual offenses and the places most prevalent for it to take place. Further insight is given on Australia’s sexual offense laws.